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We're thrilled to introduce you to Pre-PA Coaching offered by Canadian PAs!

In private coaching sessions, we offer personalized advice and guidance on ALL aspects of PA admissions, whether you're exploring the PA profession or in the middle of applications. 

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A warm welcome,

- Anne & Sahand

What Can Coaching Do For You?

  • Decide if the PA Career is for you  
  • Guide you through PA Admissions  
  • Assess your competitiveness for Canadian PA admissions  
  • Letter of Reference Review  
  • Supplementary Application Coaching & Preparation  
  • Actionable to-do's for first the applicants or re-applicants!  
  • Excel at the PA School Interview


It's no secret that we love speaking with students, many of whom have found that the PA career to be a great match for their values and long-term goals. We love helping people like you access the information, resources and people you need in order to reach your goals , and ultimately the health care of Canadians. That was why Canadian PA blog was started, and why we also began our free online Pre-PA Facebook community . 

Often many Pre-PA students who reach out to us end up becoming future Canadian PA colleagues - we want to invest time into individuals who are COMMITTED and PASSIONATE about health care and seeing the PA profession succeed in Canada. 

However, we saw there was a gap.  

Many Pre-PA students let us know that there was a struggle to find information about Physician Assistants in Canada. Most information out there is very generic, surface-level and doesn't include the depth and personalization of advice that you may be looking for. 

So we created Pre-PA Coaching. A way to give personalized, one-on-one coaching.

We look forward to working with you!

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

  • Book a free, no-obligation call to help diagnose where you need help and discuss 
  • Ideal for: if you are thinking about moving forward with coaching but would like more information. 

General Pre-PA Consulting

  • Ideal for anyone at any stage of PA admissions; during this session you addresses any general inquiries about the PA profession and PA admissions that you may have. 
  • Receive advice and insight into the PA profession. 
  • Ideal for: high school students, undergraduate students, mature students, IMG or international students, first time applicants, or second-time applicants

Canadian Pre-PA Competitiveness Assessment

  • You submit your CV/resume and transcript (cumulative GPA) ahead of the session
  • The review includes: PA programs you qualify for, GPA, extra-curricular activities and leadership experience, and an overall competitiveness review
  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and guided mentoring on how to address your weaknesses

Hear from Students We've Mentored!

"When I was considering applying to McMaster’s Physician Assistant program, Sahand made himself available to me to answer questions about the PA program and the profession. Not only did Sahand take time to talk to me over email and Skype, but he offered advice on relevant reading material and tips for interviewing. Sahand was unbelievably welcoming and kind to me and was transparent and thorough in explaining the nuances of everything “PA”. Throughout my application process and continuing into the PA program, Sahand supported myself and my colleagues on both an academic and a personal level. There is no one I could recommend more strongly as a mentor for anyone considering the Physician Assistant profession." 


"Anne has been a phenomenal mentor who consistently went above and beyond to ensure my success all the way from an aspiring pre-PA student, to a new PA graduate. From very early on, she became invested in me, by taking the time to get to know me and to provide me with all the resources and support I needed to help navigate and excel in this relatively new, unique and exciting profession. From advising on job prospects, to providing educational/clinical resources and tips, to enhancing my resume/cover letters – Anne supported me every step of the way.  

She is kind, approachable, attentive, and she answered my many questions in a very timely and comprehensive manner. I cannot thank her enough for helping me with all the decisions I needed to make over the last two years in order to get to where I am today. She has helped me with my own understanding of the PA profession from her perspective as a working PA, which has allowed me to become even more confident that this career choice was the right fit for me. Any questions you may have as an aspiring PA, whether it pertains to strengthening your application, advice about your qualifications, format of admission interviews or even just learning more about the profession in general, Anne is the ideal person to talk to.  

She is truly a leader in this profession and her experience, wealth of knowledge and multitude of talents makes her an incredibly valuable resource to anyone who is considering joining the PA profession." 


Your Questions Answered

Q. What is a Pre-PA Student?

A Pre-PA Student is anyone interested in becoming a Physician Assistant. Whether you are in high school, university, or considering the PA profession as a second or third career. 

Q. What are the minimum requirements to receive coaching? 

We only ask that you meet the minimum requirements for at least one of the PA programs in Canada, which includes: (1) being a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada, and (2) if you are in undergrad, having an undergraduate GPA average of minimum 2.7 out of 4.0 on the OMSAS scale.

Q. Who is right for Pre-PA Coaching?

Pre-PA Coaching is for individuals who are motivated and are proactive in informing themselves to make important decisions about career goals. Students who get the most out of he coaching experience with us are coachable, demonstrate self awareness, receptive to constructive feedback, and willing to take massive action on achieving their goals. 

Q. What if I'm still thinking about becoming a PA? Will coaching help me? 

Yes! These are one of our favourite students to work with! We can give you a break down and overview of the PA profession in Ccanada, how it compares to other health care professions, and how PAs function in different practice settings. We take into consideration your strengths, weaknesses, learning styles and give you honest feedback to help you decide if pursuing the PA profession is right for you. From there we can give dive into what the academic pathway would involve in order to qualify for the different Canadian PA schools. 

Q. Who is not right for Pre-PA Coaching? 

Our coaching is not right for you if you are looking for someone to "tell you what to do" without focused, consistent effort on your part. This is not a cookie cutter "plug and play" system that is a way to shortcut your way into PA school. 

Our coaching program is not right for anyone who is looking for "ways to manipulate" admissions in order to get in. There are no silver bullets, simple formulas or guaranteed results. 

Q. What will I get out of coaching?  

Think of coaching as investment. You could certainly do this on your own. PA school is competitive, coaching can help you focus your efforts in the right direction sooner rather than later. This is what coaching may do for you:

  • Help you find direction - Many people can drift through the PA career research and admissions process with a vague sense of the direction they’re heading. With your coach you’ll find the ideal way to plan out the small, manageable steps you need to take so you do not feel overwhelmed by the process.  
  • Focus on what’s important - Your PA coach is there to help you get get clear on specific goals, to keep you focused, and to help address your doubts so you don’t get discouraged or distracted along the way.  
  • Make you accountable for your actions - Help overcome “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll figure it out somehow” procrastination mindsets. Your PA Coach will give you a supportive nudge in the right direction!  
  • Save you time and unnecessary stress - Working with a coach means making use of the knowledge, expertise and experience. They’ll layout a plan based on your specific strengths and weaknesses.  
  • Increase your confidence and get you re-motivated - If you’ve been struggling with uncertainty while working towards optimizing your PA application, or have been suffering from comparison or worry about ‘it this good enough’ - it can very discouraging and demotivating. A PA coach can give you the direct, honest feedback and the actionable steps to set you in the right direction.  
  • To improve your self awareness and identify blind spots - A PA Coach can help you dig deeper into the mindsets and blind spots that may be holding you back in admissions. We help you dig into your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement in order to help you on your way.  
  • To help you reach your potential, and move you towards achieving your goals - A PA coach can help provide the tools and motivate you to step up your admissions game to achieve the outcomes you desire. Each coaching session is unique and catered to the individual Pre-PA student. Coaching helps maximize the potential of each individual person.  

Q. Do you coach on supplementary applicatons? 

We do, however we DO NOT write your answers for you (nor should you expect anyone to). For us, that's a big red flag that someone is not a good fit for coaching (or arguably, the PA programs or PA admissions). We focus on strategy and tactics for admissions. 

Q. Do you reveal questions from past applications or MMIs?

No. Anyone who has participated in an MMI or admissions process for any program signs a confidentiality agreement to not duplicate, distribute or discuss any questions used during that process. 

Q. Do you guarantee results?

No. We do not guarantee that with coaching you can get into PA school. We can guarantee that our coaching programs are high quality and high yield. However, there are many individual factors to getting into PA school that are up to the individual, even with coaching. 

Q. What if I’m not applying to PA school this cycle?  

What a great way to start your journey into PA admissions! Whether you are thinking about applying sometime in the future, or you’re gearing up to submit your PA application - coaching can help you in any point of your journey. We mentor Pre-PA students at any stage of their career - whether you are still in high school, completing or done your undergraduate degree, in a post-secondary degree, or working and looking for a second career.  

By starting your journey with Canadian Pre-PA Coaching, you’re more likely to get direct, feedback to focus your efforts and boost your confidence in the PA admissions process, and have smart goals that you move you towards achieving results.  

Q. How are the coaching sessions done?  

Coaching sessions are done face-to-face Zoom Calls. We have you fill out a small intake form when you book your appointment to help us prepare for your session and set the objectives for the coaching call.  

Q. I'm still not sure if I want to move forward with coaching, is there someone I can speak to?

Yes! You can book a free, no-obligation 15 minute discovery call with us. The goal of the session is for you to speak to us about your challenges, we'll diagnose and help determine where you need help and what next steps to take. We'll take you through our coaching process, show you what you will work on and what value we can delivery - so you can decide if you want to work with us!

Question not answered here? Contact us!